About The CFAEA

The California Foundation for the Advancement of the Electronic Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to the following:

  • To advance the absolute bleeding edge of digital and electronic art forms including their ideation, evolution, installation, execution, display and performance. In terms of disciplines, this easily includes:
    • Music Creation and Performance
    • Sound Design, Engineering and Reinforcement
    • Lighting and Atmospheric Effects
    • Visual Projections and Composites
    • Theatrical Staging and Experiential Environments
    • Digitally Mediated Interactive Sculpture and Installations
    • Dance and Other Movement-Based Arts (especially when combined with digital aspects)
    • And more….
  • To directly support artists engaged in the above via financial grants as well as (and perhaps more importantly) by immersing them in a rich environment of other artists and technologists all of whom can inspire and support each other.
  • To create large scale events and environments where people can experience and participate in these artworks at their full intended expression and in combination.
  • To build actual meaningful community through the shared practice of creating art and events in which to experience them.

If you’d like to support our mission with a tax-deductible donation of equipment, goods, services or funds, please contact us today!